Adding a Process
  1. Enter the desired process name in the “Set Process Name” field
  2. Press the “Save Process” button to save the new process
  3. Select the layer to be added under “Select Layer”
  4. Select the process type under “Process Type
  5. If using co-deposition, only 1 more layer can be added
  6. If using sequential, up to 10 layers can be added
  7. Press “Add Layer” button
  8. In the “Rate [Å/s]” field for the newly added layer enter the target rate for the deposition
  9. In the “Thickness [K/Å]” field for the newly added layer, enter the target thickness for the deposition
  10. Repeat steps 9.2.2 to 9.2.7 to add more layers
  11. When all changes are saved, press “Finish” to exit the setup window